Resources Available for Learning a Foreign Language

There are numerous ebooks available to assist in learning a language. Simply type in the language you are interested in into the Library Search followed by the word “language” and you should see a listing of various resources such as vocabularies, slang, teach yourself, etc. depending upon the language.

Free language learning websites include but aren’t limited to:

BBC Languages   

                40 languages to choose from, varying levels and methodologies


                Spanish, French, German, and Italian; community-driven learning with emphasis on vocabulary

Austin Public Library also offers several resources to help language learning.  You can check out their language learning databases here:  .  One of the most popular language learning programs is called Mango.  Mango currently has over 60 language programs available.

Mango is available through many area libraries, including the following:

                Austin Public Library System

                Round Rock Public Library System                            

                Pflugerville Public Library                                                  

                Lago Vista Public Library


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