Troubleshooting Login Problems

Because many library resources are subscription-only resources, you must sign in using your St. Edward's University username and password.  Only currently active students, faculty and staff may use library resources off campus. 

Note: If you are at one of St. Edward's University's campuses, most resources will not require you to log in.  There are a limited number of guest computers at the Library.

Listed below are some common problems encountered when trying to access library databases from off-campus. If you have any questions or problems, please Ask the Library.

Q: When I enter my login/password, I get an error saying that my "login or password is incorrect". What should I do?

A: You can contact the SEU Computer Help Desk at 448-8443 and/or see this FAQ on Resetting Your Password.  The login/password used to access library databases is the same as what you use to access online registration, MyHilltop, e-mail, etc. These are managed by SEU Computer Services.  There is an online password reset tool

Q: After clicking on a database, I get a "Page cannot be found" error. What should I do?

A: This could be a problem specific to the database, or an incompatibility between your system and EZProxy. There are several steps you can try:

Try a database hosted by a different vendor. If you're using an EBSCO database, try Lexis-Nexis, for example. If the problem exists with only one database, use our Ask a Librarian service and let us know about the problem!

Try clearing your cache.

Verify your browser accepts all cookies.

Verify your browser has javascript enabled.

If your system has a firewall, then you will have to make an exception for:

port 2048

Windows XP users: Windows XP comes with its own firewall, and Microsoft recommends that you activate this feature to secure your computer. Read these instructions to open up port 2048.

Note: If you are trying to connect from work, then you can talk to your IT department or network administrator about how your network is configured to see if any of the above settings can be adjusted.

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