Using a Citation to Find an Article

Identifying Parts of a Citation

A citation for a journal or newspaper article looks something like this:

Robert L. Selman, et al. "Belonging to and Exclusion from the Peer Group in Schools: Influences on Adolescents' Moral Choices." Journal of Moral Education 37.2 (2008): 165-184.

Robert L. Selman = author of the article

"Belonging to and Exclusion from the Peer Group in Schools: Influences on Adolescents' Moral Choices." = article title

Journal of Moral Education = title of the journal

37.2 (2008): 165-184 = volume number, issue, year of publication and page numbers



Using a Citation to Find an Article 

Search the title of the journal (Journal of Moral Educationafter selecting the "Journals by Title" tab on the Search box on the Library homepage.  If we have access to that journal, you'll see a list something like this:

Our article's publication date (2008) falls within the range of dates available in the databases! (Actually, you only need one.) So, we have access to the article.  Click on the name of the database  and you'll go to the journal's homepage inside that database.
From there, follow the chronological listing to the issue you need.  

Our article was published in Vol. 37 Issue 2. Click that link and you'll see all the articles in that issue. Scroll to find the one you want.


What else?

When you search the journal title in the Search bar, you might see that we own it in PRINT.  Come to the library and we'll show you where to find it.

The library might not have access to the journal at all or not for the date of the article you want. In either of those cases, you can use Interlibrary Loan to have us borrow the article for you from another library. (Usually get an electronic copy delivered to your ILL account.) It's free, but may take several days to arrive.

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