Locating Print Library Books

Locating Books in the Library

Need help locating a print book in the Munday Library?

1.  The call numbers are arranged alphabetically by the first line. 

                          P is shelved before PR

2.  Call numbers with matching first lines are then arranged numerically by the whole number on the second line.

                    PR           is shelved before          PR        is shelved before          PR
                     98                                                       671                                                 2313

3. Call numbers are then arranged alphabetically and then numerically, by the third line. The numbers in the third line are decimals. This means that:
                              PR        is shelved before      PR
                              671                                              671
                              .J38                                            .J4
*This is also true of the fourth line if it is a letter number/combination. It may also be a year, in which case it is arranged numerically/chronologically, lowest to highest.


For more help, visit the library information desk in the front of the library.

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