Posting Library Content to Canvas


  • If you want the Library to consider purchasing content in any format for your class(es), fill out this form. The library will not purchase textbooks or course materials for sale in the bookstore.

From the Library e-Collections (Articles and Books):

1) Find the article or eBook you want from the library's Web site.

Some e-books cannot be accessed by multiple users at the same time. If you have questions about the e-book you want to use, feel free to contact Sara Hills ( for more information.

2) Open a separate window or tab in your browser. Using Canvas, access the "Rich Content Editor" in the area in which you would like to post library content (Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Quizzes or Syllabus). 

4) Using the linking icon in the rich content editor, copy and paste Permalink from the library record anywhere within a rich content editor. 

How do I Find the Permalink in the Library Search? 
Once you find the article or eBook you would like to link to, click on the title and you should see an option under "Send to" where you can select the permalink.  It will generate the correct URL to paste into Canvas.  



From Streaming Video:

Click on "View It" beneath the catalog record and select "Open source in new window".  Once the streaming video loads, you'll want to choose "Embed" under the "Share" link. You'll want to use the second embed code option, "Alternate Embed Code (Best for Public Pages) - (Full Title)."

From Library's Physical Collection:

  • To place physical items on "reserve" for your students in the library, like print books or DVDs, use this form.
  • Your students can search for the item through the library by searching for the title or professor name, and then clicking on the Reserves tab on the results screen to narrow the results to content available as reserves.

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